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What Types of Situations Call for a Professional Survey of the Land?

Land surveys are necessary in a number of situations. Ranging from dealing with issues regarding residential properties to the development of commercial properties, the work of a civil engineer will make a difference. Here are a few of the more common reasons to contact a professional and arrange for a land survey.

Settling Disputes About Property Lines

Things are getting a little heated with the neighbors, all because no one is completely sure where the property lines happen to be. Before things escalate, it makes sense to have a survey done and come up with a definitive answer. Once the survey is completed, the information can be used to make any adjustments to documents relating to the property and have the matter settled once and for all.

Assessing Property Value

Not everyone knows that a land survey can be crucial to determining the current value of a piece of real estate. Since the survey involves assessing every aspect of the land, it is possible to come up with a more accurate idea of its current worth on the open market. For owners who are thinking of borrowing money using the land as collateral or want to refinance a current loan, this information can be important. Even people who are thinking of buying a parcel of land can use the survey results to determine if the asking price is in line with the value.

Securing Insurance

For some types of property insurance, a survey conducted by a civil engineering firm St. Louis makes it possible to determine how much coverage for specific events can be secured. A prime example is attempting to add coverage for floods. The results of the survey will help the insurance provider determine the level of risk involved by providing the coverage. That in turn makes it possible to set the rates accordingly.

Remember that development is only one of the reasons for seeking this type of professional service. Land owners who are interested can find surveying services at with ease. Whatever the situation involved, rest assured that the results of the professional survey will settle important questions and help the owner make the right choices.